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 Eventuels problèmes d'images...

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DT Gold Administrateur
DT Gold Administrateur

Date d'inscription : 01/07/2005

Eventuels problèmes d'images... Empty
MessageSujet: Eventuels problèmes d'images...   Eventuels problèmes d'images... EmptyVen 07 Oct 2005, 12:31

Les images du forum (photos, icones, smilies...) étant sur Photobucket, on pourrait avoir quelques problèmes, puisque les serveurs de Photobucket se bagarrent...
Extrait du blog de Photobucket:

Citation :
October 05, 2005
Network Issue
It appears there is a peering issue with some of the network providers. We are looking into this.

Photobucket Network Update
If you didn't know, yesterday two Tier 1 providers got into a feud and cut off traffic to eachothers network.

Unfortunately Photobucket was one of the thousands of sites effected. We have talked with both Cogent and Level 3, but it doesn't look like it will be fixed anytime soon. Rather than sit back and wait for it to all get sorted out, we have taken some drastic steps to work towards our own resolution.

- Overnighted some additional network equipment as of yesterday
- Moved our dns over to Ultradns (which is used by amazon, myspace, etc) . This gives us some flexibility on how we handle traffic from the two networks.
- Working frantically on bringing up another carrier so we can start pushing 'non-resolvable' traffic that direction.

We believe this will solve many or all of the issues regardless of what happens with Cogent and Level 3.

Thanks for understanding, Photobucket got the worst of a bad situation that is totally out of our control.


Photobucket est donc en train de chercher ses propres solutions pour résoudre les problèmes.

Eventuels problèmes d'images... Jb-sit10
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Eventuels problèmes d'images...
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